Who we are

Andel is Dutch. After studying Law she worked as an advocate in the area of healthcare rights. In 2010, she made her first journey from Tarifa to Tangier. During this first experience with Morocco, she was enchanted by the land and its people. A year later, she returned and toured from Marrakesh through the High Atlas and into the desert near Merzouga, and back.  A stay on the Atlantic coast followed a year later. Since then, she has crisscrossed the High Atlas. During these trips, she met many people and made friends. This is how she became acquainted with Lhoussaine and started making plans to start offering organized trips in southern Morocco.

Lhoussaine is a Berber, born and raised in the mountain village of Igoudmane, located in the Aghbalou N’Krdouss region of southern Morocco. He worked at Hotel El Khorbat, in Ksar El Khorbat, about 40 KM from Igoudmane. A Ksar is a fortified village, built in the 19th century. During one of her trips in Morocco, Andel met Lhoussaine and they became friends. Lhoussaine is a self-motivated person and taught himself Spanish through his contact with guests at the Hotel El Khorbat. He can also speak reasonable English and French. While working at the hotel he was often asked by guests if he could arrange day trips or guided tours of the old Ksar or to nearby oases.

He knows the ways and traditions of the Berbers and nomads, and happy to explain them. He can get you in personal contact with the people and their cultures. During your stay in south Morocco, Lhoussaine will be your guide and chauffeur.

We offer travel and exploration limited to southern Morocco; we do this only because we want to offer a personal experience, a chance to see the authentic lives of the Berbers and nomads of this area.