Rooms and prices

€ 45 per night / per person

including breakfast and dinner

How to come to our B&B in Igoudmane.

If you fly to Marrakech there are several ways to get to Igoudmane.

  1. There is a very good direct bus connection (CTM or Supratours) from Marrakech (via Ouarzazate) to Tinejdad. The price for a bus ticket (one way) is MAD 150 (approximately € 15.00). We will pick you up in Tinejdad at the bus station.
  2. It’s also possible to fly with a domestic flight from Marrakech to Ouarzazate (ticket price around € 30.00). From Ouarzazate you can take the bus to Tinejdad (MAD 75) and we will also pick you up in Tinejdad at the bus station. Of course we can also pick you up in Ouarzazate.
  3. Another possibility is that we pick you up in Marrakech (airport or riad (hotel)) with our luxury Toyota 4 × 4.  The transfer from Marrakech to Igoudmane costs € 175.00, regardless of the number of people (excluding lunch, dinner, overnight stay and coffee / tea / soda).

Our two rooms are in Igoudmane, a small village in the High Atlas, where you are absorbed into the daily life of the Berbers and nomads. With us you stay overnight as a ‘chez l ‘habitant’, with a Berber family. You will enjoy our place because of the view, the silence, the local quiet daily life in Igoudmane. The house, made of clay, stands on the grounds of the Lhoussaine family. The two rooms are suitable for couples and solo adventurers. It is also possible, when you are passing through for example to Merzouga, to stay with us for a night or more.

From Igoudmane we can organize different (day) trips. We have described a number of (day) tours on our website. It is possible to combine the day trips. We would like to draw up a program together with you so that we can make a suitable quotation.

Room 1:

Room 2: