Experience Morocco with Andel

Morocco has much to offer and is known for its diversity. The landscape is bewitching, varied, impressive and fascinating. Morocco has a spectacular coastline with many beautiful and peaceful beaches.

It has wilderness mountain landscapes with spectacular colours, hidden lakes and oases. And then, the desert with its magical stillness and golden sand dunes which reflect a rainbow of beautiful colours from the sun and sky. As the landscape is, so are the people. From traditional to modern, hospitable and diverse.

Only a three-hour flight from Europe, and you will find yourself in a completely different world. Morocco is an interesting land: culturally, traditionally, socially and politically. It unites old and new, modernism and tradition. That is the appeal of Morocco.

We, Lhoussaine and Andel, are located in Igoudmane, southern Morocco, Lhoussaine’s birthplace. The area is located near Tinghir, Imichil, Tidrine, Errachidia, Merzouga and Goulmima. It is an area of the High Atlas where the population lives in harmony with the seasons and weather, and where nomads wander.

We offer travel and exploration limited to southern Morocco; we do this because we want to offer a personal experience, a chance to see the authentic lives of the Berbers and nomads of this area.

We offer a unique travel experience.

Southern Morocco is worth the trip.

Please contact us with any questions or requests at info@marokkoreizenmetandel.nl